5 app strategies for acquiring and retaining members

By Sanjeev Ahuja

We chanted “finders keepers, losers weepers” as children, but this phrase seems more applicable now as grown-up organizations search for new ways to locate and maintain a loyal customer base. Member associations face the additional challenge of finding and keeping an audience that’s often still on an app learning curve. But instead of seeing apps as an obstacle, you’d be wise to use them strategically.

Cut your bottom line

In order to offset the resources you’re bound to invest in app development, it’s important to lower expenses first. Fortunately, today’s online environment allows organizations to opt out of printing costs by using mass email instead of traditional direct mail.

Use analytics

Before you can attract new members, you have to know where to look. Equally important is knowing which of your past marketing efforts have been most effective in targeting your audience. Gathering this information is key to determining the next step toward introducing your app to your audience.

Deliver content via apps

After using analytics to determine which information your demographic audience is seeking, convert this data into bait: attract new members by offering their desired content in your app. If you build it, they will come.

Direct users to your website

Once you’ve gained the attention of potential members with your content-focused app, direct them to your website so they can learn more about your organization and be hooked so they’ll sign on. But make sure your website has enough content to keep them coming back for more.

Grow internationally

Since the digital world is also a global community, apps provide a way to extend your reach. If your organization has already achieved its zenith at home, set out on a voyage of expansion with apps as your compass.

Recruit Oplytic for university and college recruitments

By Sanjeev Ahuja

Teacher’s Pet is something Oplytic has never been called, although the term may fit. Formerly known as eMagazines, our new name (Oplytic, not Teacher’s Pet) appropriately reflects what we do: help publishers as well as universities recruit, engage and track users for their mobile apps.

With students questioning the benefits of a traditional four-year education, competition to recruit and enroll them is fierce. Having access to technology that offers insights on how to acquire students—and keep them engaged through graduation and beyond—is an essential tool for educators.

Oplytic has the tools to help directors of enrollment and alumni relations:

  • Measure the effectiveness of their recruitment marketing
  • Place mobile ads to recruit students to download the university app
  • Reach international students
  • Save fulfillment costs via print publication opt-out
  • Engage alumni and measure behavior

By tracking and analyzing results, university recruiters can identify gaps in the process and adjust their mobile marketing tactics accordingly which can save time and money down the line. Our mobile analytics software provides an unbiased view of what methods of recruitment and engagement are most effective on a medium that is second nature to 21st century students and alumni. In the past, teachers were given apples. Nowadays, they need apps.

Stand and Deliver: Oplytic presents at AAMP

By Andrew Degenholtz

With thousands of new apps launching daily, mobile marketers need not just to get noticed, they need to get downloads and reliable results on measured traffic. That’s why Oplytic Founder and President Andrew Degenholtz flew to Los Angeles, California to speak at the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals (AAMP) Conference on October 2, 2014.

In his session in the Marketing Essentials Track, Andrew revealed 10 essential things mobile app marketers should be doing to acquire paying and engaged users. Without the PowerPoint display that accompanied the presentation, here are the points that were addressed:

  1. Place a link on your company website
  2. Advertise your app in your print publication
  3. Email your current subscribers with a link to your app
  4. Place Smart App banners on your desktop website
  5. Create cross app banners to promote all of your apps
  6. Say it social
  7. Promote FB, Twitter and Google app install ads
  8. Run ads on mobile performance networks
  9. Sell with a premium
  10. Push it!

Regardless of the nature of your mobile marketing strategy, it’s crucial to measure marketing effectiveness first and then spend money and time on what works to achieve your objectives.

And there you have it, the main points of Andrew’s presentation at the AAMP Conference 2014, minus the long airport lines.