Customer Service and Consumer Re-engagement: Facebook Announces Next Steps with Messenger Ads

Post By Hannah Downing

Mary Meeker predicted it in her 2017 Internet Trends report and now we are seeing it: the shift of customer service to chat platforms. This is because advertising is shifting to chat platforms, as well. As reported in a recent VentureBeat article, Facebook recently announced that it will be extending its test of ad placements on Messenger to a worldwide audience. Let’s look at some of the benefits and things to consider of this emerging ad format.

One of the major benefits to this ad format is the direct access it gives businesses to potential customers from the ability to start conversations in the Messenger app through the ad. Facebook also reports that sponsored messages sent in the Messenger app will only be for businesses that the user has previously engaged with in some way. These aspects make this ad format very valuable, since reengaging potential or past customers can be difficult to achieve in general.

However, the ease and importance of conversations in this ad format means this is going to put great emphasis on each business’s customer service department. While this format could be great for generating leads and directing them towards converting, it could also backfire if a business does not have an adequate support team setup to handle whatever volume of conversations come their way.

Similarly, it is not clear whether the conversations that occur because of ads run in the Messenger app will factor into the rating of each business’s Messenger response time, as is often visible to users when they visit a business’s Facebook page. If this rating feature could be affected by the Messenger ad format, then businesses have even more reason to make sure their team is ready to handle the volume of conversations that may come through the app.

In the end, more businesses should consider advertising in this format, as the potential benefits are high, especially the direct interaction between businesses and consumers. This ad format could add more of a personal touch to advertising and the guiding of leads down the conversion tunnel, as well. If you’re a business that is not on Facebook already, join the 70 million other businesses and see if this ad format is right for you. Contact Oplytic to discuss and determine the best mobile marketing strategy for your company and if this includes Messenger app ads.