Will the App Store Revamp Affect Mobile App Marketing?

Post By Hannah Downing

Last week, Apple announced that it would be revamping the App Store for the first time since its opening in July of 2008. The revamping is mainly going to concern the layout of the store, as they are creating four tabs for organization, rather than sticking with their original format of sorting apps by category.

These tabs are Games, Apps, Today, and Search. The Games and Apps tabs will recommend and highlight different games and apps. The Search tab will function in just this way, for users to search for specific apps while showing the current trending searches. There will also be a few additions to the Search tab, mostly pertaining to what the Today tab will hold, which is where the biggest changes seem to be.

The Today tab will focus on a few specifically-picked apps that Apple is recommending to users, along with much more. As ironSource wrote,"The today tab updates daily, and features exclusive premiers; new app releases; inspiring developer features and interviews; an App of the Day, a Game of the Day; tips and how-to guides to show users how to make the most of their app experience; a space for influencers and celebrities to share their favorite apps."

Many of these additions, specifically the developer features, are to help both users look for a specific kind of app and the developers of apps find quality users. As ironSource wrote, "...Apple is redesigning the App Store to boost discoverability and help iOS developers get their apps in front of eager, relevant users."

These additions and their purpose sound like they have great potential, but the question mobile app marketing companies, like Oplytic, should be asking is what this revamp of the app store will do for mobile app downloads and popularity. For instance, if this layout works the way it sounds like it will, popularity and reviews of apps will still surely matter, but so will glowing recommendations from famous people and features in the App of the Day portion of the store.

Similarly, with additions like developer spotlights and interviews, users may also take these into account when considering whether to download an app or not. What this means is that many mobile marketing companies will probably consider how to get the apps they are working with into the App of the Day spotlight or how to get the developers of their apps interviewed and highlighted. Keep checking back to our blog to stay tuned as to how the new App Store affects app downloads and how Oplytic adjusts.

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