Holiday Shopping—Mobile Experiences Will Make a Difference

Post by: Hannah Downing

With smartphones and tablets being used more than ever, this year’s holiday shopping experience is going to hinge greatly on each retailer’s app. The overall experience of the app could make or break a retailer’s growth, especially since the holiday shopping period is often a big portion of a company’s annual revenue. 

According to a recent article on CMO, there are big reasons to be looking at mobile shopping during this holiday season. Most notably, though two thirds of revenue year-round will be made on desktop, many times these purchases are started on shoppers’ mobile devices. This makes sense since our mobile devices go with us everywhere and we often use any spare time we have to be on them—making holiday shopping, or at least browsing before buying, easier.

While mobile users could clearly opt to use their mobile web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, multiple recent studies have shown that mobile users prefer apps, especially when it comes to shopping. Recode recently reported that, “…time spent on the Top 5 digital-first shopping apps — Amazon, Amazon Shopping, Wish, Etsy and Zulily this year — grew 44 percent in the first half of 2017 compared with the first half of 2016….” This will no doubt carry over to holiday shopping—especially because we all know that the holidays are a busy time of the year, making quick and easy mobile app shopping more appealing.

CMO reports that “… 64% of shoppers already have a retail app downloaded onto their mobile devices, but only 32% will download an app specifically for holiday shopping.” This statistic shows how important a retailer’s app performance is at any time—not just during the holidays. The more loyal customers a retailer can accrue over the year, the more it may pay off during holiday shopping.

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