Apple’s ending of the App Affiliate Program: Why App Affiliates are Still Vital

Post by: Hannah Downing

The world of app discovery and app marketing for mobile-first and app-first companies can be a tricky one. Just a few days ago, Apple made a big announcement that will likely forever change the landscape of app marketing.

Apple announced that they were putting an end to their app affiliate program, which will take effect on October 1st of this year. This means that in less than 2 months, app aggregate sites, like, will no longer be able to embed links to specific apps within their content and receive a percentage of the commission when a purchase is made from their promotion.

This move by Apple sheds a light on the app affiliate marketing world as a whole, as it is very likely that Apple’s most recent analyses of the traffic driven by their affiliates is what led to this drastic decision.

More likely than not, Apple took a look at the traffic that was being sent by their affiliate program and may have realized that there was not a high enough amount of legitimate external traffic to warrant keeping the program running.

The most important aspect of this idea is whether or not the traffic was legitimate. There are so many reports and articles out there that have shown how big of a problem fraudulent traffic is for the mobile marketing world. In fact, fraudulent traffic is such a consistent but seemingly elusive problem in the mobile marketing and affiliate marketing world that many marketing companies are still struggling to figure out how much exactly it is costing them every year, let alone how to combat it.

However, app affiliate marketing can actually help decrease the likelihood of fraudulent traffic when paired with the right software. At Oplytic, we work with mobile-first companies and their affiliate channels to precisely track each affiliate’s traffic so that not only will companies be able to accurately pay their top-performing affiliates, but also they can crack down on traffic that is fraudulent or very low value.

Oplytic’s system tracks affiliate traffic from the first click all the way until the purchase or valuable action has been made. With crucial software and information like this, Apple could keep their app affiliate program going, which would continue to aid in the discovery of new and noteworthy apps.

 Instead, because of the high threat of fraudulent or low-value traffic, Apple is ending a program that has created an entire industry that will now have to face the consequences and a very uncertain future. With affiliate tracking software like Oplytic’s, affiliate marketing is safer, smarter, and very much worth the time and money, because companies know they can get the high-value results they’re looking for.

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