Look before you strategize & strategize before you leap

By Sanjeev Ahuja

"There's gold in them there hills," echoed from America's west to east coast during the California Gold Rush of 1848-1855. Today, "There's gold in them there apps" can be heard around the world as companies scramble to board the band(width)wagon in search of a big-app payoff.

Although businesses are spending money on the mobility trend, research conducted by Robert Half Technology this past spring revealed 28% of US companies lack a mobile technology strategy. Of the 2,300 CIOs who were surveyed, one in four admitted their company of 100+ employees didn't have any mobile technology strategy despite nearly half expressing the need to become more agile (47%) and more competitive (46%).

Findings across the pond are similar as research conducted by Intrinsic and Vanson Bourne showed 28% of mid-market UK businesses also lack a mobile strategy even though mobile ranked ahead of security (70%) and cloud (48%) as the top priorities of business according to 70% of the companies surveyed.

With 90% of UK respondents predicting their investment in mobile technology will go up in the next two years, it's clear the rush to find mobile gold is on. However, spending money on technology without a strategy in place is about as likely to unearth success as gold miners heading west without a map. In either scenario, wannabe millionaires are apt to find themselves going in circles.

A major factor behind our decision to work closely with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is to help their clients programmatically drive app downloads and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Without accurately tracking what campaigns are working and what efforts are not, one cannot develop a successful strategy. And without that, you'll be digging for app gold without a shovel.

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