Welcome to Oplytic's Blog

By Sanjeev Ahuja

Chances are you're seeking something: a way to measure your ROI, a chance to optimize media placements, or a Shakespearian phrase (yes, it's feasible you're searching for another site altogether). You landed here. Well, welcome.

We're Oplytic, though you may know us as eMagazines. Under the latter name, we helped some of the world's foremost publications survive turn-of-the-century new media by arming them with the technology needed to compete in today's mobile market. In addition to ensuring they stand out in the App store, we help generate paying and engaged users for their apps as well as providing ways in which they can chart their marketing efforts.

If you've already built an app, we can get right to business and help you get the most out of your mobile strategy. If you're just getting started, we have partnerships with creative app developers including Apptitude, Pubbly, Aysling, AppLab and OmniMedia who can build you a world-class app so you can implement your mobile strategy asap.

Our versatile and widely used mobile analytics software can help:

  • insurance agencies and other businesses check geographic successes and attribute credit to key members of sales teams
  • government organizations save money and increase citizen satisfaction
  • firms discover which Google Adwords work and measure overall campaign effectiveness and ineffectiveness
  • pharmaceutical groups measure physician engagement with product content
  • universities better locate and recruit in-demand students

These are the topics and industries we'll cover in our blog. And this is why we changed our name. Oplytic more accurately describes the scope of our services, the reach of our market and the vision of our mission.

After all, when Shakespeare asked, "What's in a name?" he obviously wasn't thinking of branding.

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