Mobile Marketing's Deeper Layer: The Smartphone's Full Business Potential

Guest Post By Sophorn Chhay

Experts have had years to take advantage of mobile marketing’s benefits, and they’ve cracked the ice quite well. We’re only using a fraction of the mobile world’s full potential, and business providers are gauging the future to create outstanding platforms.

Business providers are in search of answers, and marketers are looking for direction. As the mobile marketing world grows, the consumer connection becomes more prevalent. Today, 65 percent of branded emails are opened via mobile. It's a great time for marketers to outreach to new mobile visitors or setup automated triggers to handle the email outreach.

Mobile spending, itself, has grown at three times the rate of desktop. Big numbers make big changes, and business gurus are only breaching the surface of smartphone marketing. Below, we discuss mobile’s bright future—for consumer and provider alike.

CMOs will Become Consumer Data Scientists

Smartphones, now, are a business’s best friend for data gathering. After 2016, CMOs will need to work overtime. They’re becoming data scientists, and they’re managing marketing expenditures to achieve high-reaching goals. In 2016, marketers are expected to have enough data to make incredible predictions. Real-time data is here, and it’s being gathered. Better customer experiences, smarter spending and dynamic customer relationships can’t be ignored, and CMOs are taking charge.

SMS will Spearhead Sales

Text message marketing is likely to lead sales efforts by 2017. In fact, companies applying SMS marketing are expected to experience a 40 percent growth rate this year. SMS marketing is already an effective marketing channel, but we’ve only begun taking advantage of it. New, automated services are rolling out, and business leaders are taking note. In 2014, SMS marketing raised $16.8 billion. Last year’s numbers are rolling in, and they’re dishing out a big reminder to mobile-enabled businesses.

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Wearables will Enhance Everything

If the smartphone wasn’t powerful by itself, wearables will spike its importance. Wearables, while in a fragile market, are still incredibly popular. Advertisers are using the smartwatch’s infancy to boost consumer interaction, and they’re creating in-store offers based upon mobile  interaction.

Wearables, in upcoming years, are expected to connect with other smart-tech installations, too. In 2015, 34 percent of consumers used a smart TV to make Internet searches. Wearables are about to take off. The market is already primed, too, because tech-lovers are finding new, innovative ways to hook up their smartwatches to mobile. Wearables will, quite literally, enhance everything about mobile.

Mobile Video will be Preferred

As it stands, mobile video is an aspect of mobile marketing. After 2016, however, it’ll become a marketing powerhouse. We’ve only begun using mobile video to its full potential—but we’re learning. Mobile video advertising, in 2015, was the fastest growing format. Mobile video ad spend increased by 190 percent that year, and it’s expected to generate $4 billion by 2018. Many experts agree: Mobile video advertising will grow at least five times as quickly as desktop advertising from here on out.

Conversation will Drive Omnichannel Interaction

Omnichannel marketing is difficult to master. Buyers are using smartphones to click, swipe and search, but they’re also expecting conversations. People of all ages prefer phone calls, whether business-related or personal. While a lot of business providers are focused on driving mobile traffic, they’re starting to prioritize conversations. Business providers are skirting the edge of omnichannel marketing’s potential, but they’ve yet to make the jump. The barriers between mobile channels are weakening, and they’re opening a gap for a one-door-welcomes all business strategies. 

What's Next?

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