3 Mobile App Trends Popping Up in 2017

Post By Janet Arvia

It’s a fact that people’s brains are bigger in the morning. That’s when the light goes on, in your head and your kitchen, and marketers experience breakthrough ideas. So, imagine brainstorming with your toaster while making breakfast. The act won’t mean you’re crazy. Rather, you’re on point with one of the top trends set to take off in 2017.

1. Voice-Based Interfaces

In the months to come, batting ideas back and forth with AI (Artificial Intelligence) on your toaster may actually be possible—and easier than you think. Thanks to Voice-Based Interfaces which combine speech recognition with a natural language processing, the alienation today’s users have experienced when trying to engage with a digital platform will no longer be an issue since new technology eliminates a learning curve. Expect to see more ways to collaborate with AI-powered ChatBots—without having to figure out a sequence of buttons. Such convenience and clarity will promote the conversational nature of mobile devices and create an intimate exchange between brands and customers, not to mention mobile marketers and their campaigns.

2. VR and AR

The success of this year’s Pokémon Go proves the growing popularity of AR (Augmented Reality) on mobile devices. Yet an in-app feature that can map the real world may be used for more than fun. Savvy are the brands that plan for AR in various capacities. Even more kudos go to those who can work in VR (Virtual Reality) to further engage customers with a fully immersive digital experience. But before budgeting for either, consult with a mobile app analytics agency on past and current campaigns to determine whether VR and AR are relevant to your company goals.

3. Instant Apps

Forget downloading apps from the Google Play Store. Android Instant Apps let Android apps run immediately so consumers can use a native mobile app as soon as they need it, without the hassle of installation. Users can also access Instant Apps from associated URLS in any other app, or form physical RFID tags in the real world. In other words, Instant Apps help consumers discover new brands without even knowing the company has an app. As such, any business willing to ignore this opportunity may be toast in 2017.

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