It’s Mid-Year, Do You Know Where Your Mobile App Trends Are?

Post By Janet Arvia

Half the year is down and so are the number of apps regularly used by American adults. That’s because mobile users are allocating more of their time to a select group of messaging apps within social media.

This trend, revealed in a study by eMarketer, is akin to findings overseas by Verto Analytics which reports communications/social media is the fastest growing app category among adults in the United Kingdom. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp account for 44% of the time nearly 5,000 users surveyed spend on mobile apps.

The global boom in video consumption helps explain why mobile app users are lingering on Facebook. The social media giant boasts its members watch 100 million hours of video everyday. With affordable data, accessible WiFi and all those adorable animal uploads, the digital video trend means Americans will engage with mobile apps for about two and half hours a day throughout 2017. This number is up by more than 10% from 2016 and is projected to continue climbing in the coming years.

Yet as more time is devoted to specific mobile apps, competing ones are getting shut out. Enter the ongoing trend for big data analytics and mobile marketing engagement which helps brands create strategies to hang onto their mobile app users and grab the attention of new ones by tracking the effectiveness of in-app conversion activity and cross-app promotions including deep links and push notifications.

Not only is the latter cost-effective and time-efficient (you can reach millions in minutes), it’s more secure than Signalling System 7 (SS7) and Short Message Service (SMS). Universally speaking, the encrypted messaging that push notifications offer is crucial in a time when hacking is unfortunately also on-trend.

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